International exhibition of furniture and interior decoration
Attention • Exhibition is canceled

Tableware and Kitchen Accessories

You can not imagine a home without dishware that has an important aesthetic function in interior design, let alone being a utility. Tableware and kitchen accessories are divided into two categories: items used for cooking and festive dishware used to decorate your table. Each dishware category, both in classical and modern style, is available at the kitchen accessories exhibition.

The dedicated subarea of SalonDeco 2020 will house an exhibition of tableware, kitchen utensils and accessories that will surprise you with their high quality and beauty. Vivid collections, aesthetic designer series and brands using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art materials, and dishware collections by Italian manufacturers will be shown at the exhibition. There you will find exquisite dishware, cutlery and stylish kitchen accessories made of ceramics, porcelain, cut glass, glass or modern materials, sometimes using replicas of classical collections or watercolour ornaments, and new Italian dishware collections will win the hearts even of the most sophisticated public!